Our Mission

We are called to be the bridge by demonstrating the power and love of Jesus to our community.

Our Pastor

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Pastor Darrell Propst is a western North Carolina native. After earning a BA in English and MEd in education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, he received an MA in school administration from The Ohio State University. Always bivocational, Darrell has taught multiple elementary grade levels; been a public school principal; and was director of elementary education for public school districts. Pastor Darrell’s call to the ministry came when he was 20 years old. Since then, he has served in youth ministry, Christian education, new member discipleship, outreach, church administration and leadership, and an associate pastorship. He is a gifted teacher and communicator and strives to teach the Word in a way that relates to everyday lives and circumstances. He desires to help people become disciples of Christ, and help others become leaders.

Andrea Propst grew up in a pastor’s home in Indiana. Her entire life has been dedicated to ministry.  She is a talented singer and musician and served in leadership roles in youth ministry and music departments in various churches. She has worked in ladies ministries and Sunday school. With an eye for detail and organization, Andrea pours excellence into everything she does. She creates a loving and welcoming environment for every gathering.

Together, Pastor Darrell and Andrea began to feel the call to the Chapel Hill area in January 2016. Grateful to be back in the Pastor’s home state, they began working in partnership with the Temple of Pentecost in Raleigh.  Grace Bridge was launched on October 15, 2016 with a community event at the Carrboro Town Commons. The first service was held October 23, 2016. They have a genuine love for people, and want to help them know God, regardless of where they are on their journey.