Giving a portion of what we gain back to God is God’s plan to bless us, both on earth and in eternity. As Christians, there are three types of giving that we practice: charity, offerings, and tithe.


We give to help others with their physical needs. When we love our neighbor as ourselves, we give our time, effort, and finances to bless our community.


We give generously and joyfully as God speaks to us to support global and national missions, as well as church ministries.


We give the first 10% of our income before taxes or anything else comes out. This type of giving goes all the way back to the first family who gave the “first fruits” of their increase and was not a command, but an act of thanksgiving.

You have the opportunity to give back to God on Sunday mornings through check, cash, or card.

Thank you for your generosity!

We will be glad to provide a giving statement for tax purposes. Just let us know!